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    Well, what do you know? I decided to make a scavenger hunt! I just wanted to. :3 I will start the scavenger hunt with a question placed on this blog. There will be 10 answers to hunt for. There's a secret surprise at the end. Yeah, it's kind of like at least one of the scavenger hunts. This scavenger hunt will be all scattered across the articles, so go look for those questions and answers!

    So, to start us off, here's the starting question:

    1) This pony has a shooting star on her flank.

    Have fun, and no cheating! Don't cheat, or face the consequences...

    EDIT: I cancelled it. Sorry. ._.

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    Well, as you can see, I changed my name. Yes, I did. I really did. I thought it would be interesting. :3 

    So, because I got my name changed, this seems like my only blog post I've made. Nope. I've made more, but they're all stuck because Wikia derped, on an account called "()." Ikr? Weird. But they are pathetic, so I wouldn't recommend you reading them. ._. 

    Something went wrong with my name change, so for a while, I was stuck as an anon, doing basically NOTHING. Yep. Then, I started going on StephOfTheEast's blog about chat not working for her. I made a few comments as an anon, and today, I read the blog just to look at the comments, and FoodBandIt told me my name change was working now. So, I decided to log into my account. At first, it wa…

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    Yay me.

    April 17, 2013 by (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

    I have 1,000 edits to the wiki. Nothing else to say, but congratulating me would be nice. It isn't that special, though. ._.

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    Okay, so as all of you should know, Magical Mystery Cure, the final episode, is the beginning of a three-part story in Season 4. Before I tell you what the purpose of this blog is, let me give you a poll.

    Yes, this blog is a guessing game, using your random imagination to make a story plot on how the three-parter in season 4 will be like. Would a monster attack the Mane 6? Would Alicorn Twilight become power hungry? It's your choice and imagination, use your imagination to make something up!

    Here, I will put in this section the predictions and story plots I like. This is not a contest, more like a Hall of Fame you won't really have to fight for. Try to make the best prediction you can make!

    When Season 4 comes out, I will edit this blog with …

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    The Hub announced that the final episode of season 3 would be... drumroll please... Princess Coronation! Since we don't know what it's about, I might as well hold a contest.

    Try to create the most creative summary about the final episode. If you get lucky, the final episode will be about your summary!

    • No putting users at disadvantage.
    • DO NOT BRAG. Bragging is the last thing we want users to do on this wiki.
    • Don't make fun of people's summaries. Just please.
    • Say something good about that person's summary. If you have something bad to say, don't say it and keep it in your head. If you say that bad thing, that will end up with bad Spikey Wikey, as shown below.
    • Finally, you must have fun. Don't get Pinkie mad, now.

    The final episode was renamed "Magi…

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