Well, as you can see, I changed my name. Yes, I did. I really did. I thought it would be interesting. :3 

So, because I got my name changed, this seems like my only blog post I've made. Nope. I've made more, but they're all stuck because Wikia derped, on an account called "()." Ikr? Weird. But they are pathetic, so I wouldn't recommend you reading them. ._. 

Something went wrong with my name change, so for a while, I was stuck as an anon, doing basically NOTHING. Yep. Then, I started going on StephOfTheEast's blog about chat not working for her. I made a few comments as an anon, and today, I read the blog just to look at the comments, and FoodBandIt told me my name change was working now. So, I decided to log into my account. At first, it was hard to get used to it, but then, I entered chat, just to find out that my name change did work, and that it's um, not really normal, and that I had to make some changes. Thanks to Ozank, I got my userpage and talkpage moved to the right place. :3 

And so, as I come to take back all of my stuff from (), I continue to develop and comment more. Thanks for using your time to read this! :3!