Okay, so as all of you should know, Magical Mystery Cure, the final episode, is the beginning of a three-part story in Season 4. Before I tell you what the purpose of this blog is, let me give you a poll.

Are you excited for Season 4?

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Guessing Game

Yes, this blog is a guessing game, using your random imagination to make a story plot on how the three-parter in season 4 will be like. Would a monster attack the Mane 6? Would Alicorn Twilight become power hungry? It's your choice and imagination, use your imagination to make something up!


Here, I will put in this section the predictions and story plots I like. This is not a contest, more like a Hall of Fame you won't really have to fight for. Try to make the best prediction you can make!


When Season 4 comes out, I will edit this blog with updates! Have as much fun as you want!