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    First iMpressions

    June 4, 2013 by 0drake0

    Dear friends,

    It has not yet been a week since I first edited a wiki page for the first time in my life – and you may know that I have used these medias for more than 10 years now. To the question "why only now, then ?", I'll say it's out of respect – given that this means it is no more a barrier, one could argue it is also not constructive evolution ; proposition which I both accept and refute.

    At first pushed by my perfectionnist side, I now come back here more with the idea to help and contribute, than just polishing jewels.

    I love to push stuff to the limit, especially when it has something to to with physics or software ; and little by little, I grow amazed by the incredible amount of fitting craft used to parachieve this vessel of knowl…

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  • 0drake0

    ...Well, for one thing I am searching for a way to import a picture from my pc to the avatar ; the appropriate button just doesn't show up...

    New to everything "wiki", nice to see the riches offered by a few years of planetary collaboration.

    And V2 because there are chances the void first – failed – try will stay as a ghost shell somewhere.

    [EDIT] Ok, this article has pretty much finished its mission.

    Thanks, folk

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