Dear friends,

It has not yet been a week since I first edited a wiki page for the first time in my life – and you may know that I have used these medias for more than 10 years now. To the question "why only now, then ?", I'll say it's out of respect – given that this means it is no more a barrier, one could argue it is also not constructive evolution ; proposition which I both accept and refute.

At first pushed by my perfectionnist side, I now come back here more with the idea to help and contribute, than just polishing jewels.

I love to push stuff to the limit, especially when it has something to to with physics or software ; and little by little, I grow amazed by the incredible amount of fitting craft used to parachieve this vessel of knowledge and sharing – there is, in my opinion, always room for improvement.

Even if not just for the software here, the people gave me a wonderful impression. When I created my first blog post – in about 10 years too – for reasons unclear even to me – trial, maybe, or a lucky guess – I truly didn't expect the immediate helpful answers that I got. Having the habit of desert forums and chatrooms, or ones providing continuous amounts of spam ; it was indeed a most refreshing experience.

Now there is still a lot of room for me to learn about the rules and common usages of proper edition, blogging, commenting and such matters ; I just hope my service here will help more than it causes commotion – someone apparently already wondered if I was about to start an edit war. Thanks to the tolerant and welcoming "mods" who already contacted me.

Seeing how my first – appearing – entry apparently succeeded in getting the answers I was looking for, I hereby repeat the experiment. And just so it does not stay an uneventful wall of text, here is a cake to celebrate your success in arriving here.

Would you, gentle person, be so kind as to educate me in the ways I may have faulted in – such as unnecessary use of archaic over-the-top expressions which Queen Victoria was the last known wight to use, or unfunny Portal reference ? Suggestions and other beneficial comments are always quite welcome :)

Thank you for your [insert any Element of Harmony you see fit],


P.S.: Yes, the title is in fact an awful attempt at making peolpe choke on coffee and what not.

P.P.S.: You shall never discover where I am from, muahaha – you are in fact a single click away from two ways of finding the answer, in case you didn't know... And why am I writing this, no one will see this sillyness anyway.