So, basically I uploaded chat hacks to my console on Chrome. Out of curiosity, I tried typing in /help. The result I got shocked me... Although I did not have permission to do somethings,  I have done some quite awesome things. Seen here on another Wiki, I managed to promote someone through chat hacks. A lot don't work like the devoice thing, but it still appears in chat like an IRC code :P. There is also a Coppa link which automatically displays COPPA's laws!

Screenshots below!

/help - Commands (most dont work) -

/mod -

/silence - Automatically posts link -

/coppa - Automatically posts link -

/devoice - Does nothing but appears on chat like it does -

/demod - Doesn't work

/kickban - Does nothing

/kick - Doesn't seem to work (may be wrong) 

/block - Doesnt work

/unblock - Doesnt work

/private - Doesnt seem to do anything. (may be wrong)

/id - Posts this automatically -

/self - Does nothing - But posts this -

If you could let me know in comments if you have found any things that do work that haven't and general thoughts really!  343 TheGuiltyProphet  |  GDM & Administrator    Badge-GlobalDiscussionsModerator.svg 04:33, March 30, 2013 (UTC)