Credit to Callofduty4 for the creation and designing of chat options. visit there for more information. Credit to Monchoman45 and Callofduty4 for the creation of chat hacks!

What are Chat Options?

Chat options is a tool that is presented in many popular Wiki sites, including this one. It gives the user the ability to enable many new features and change the chat experience. This will be a step by step guide on how to enable them and use them effectively.

Turning on features in chat options

Chat Options, step two

Step Two: Choosing your options. Select the features you want and change the chats appearance. (optional) Then click "Update".

Chat Options, step one.

Step One: Where are chat options?

Chat Options, step four.

Step four: You are notified when you get a ping.

Chat Options, step three.

Step Three: Confirmation message and ping phrases description.

Tab Complete

Tab complete is a useful feature that can be enabled in chat using the same method as above. It allows you to quickly type out ones username. Once enabled, for example I wanted to speak to Temmington. I would type the letter 'T' then press the tab button on the keyboard, it will automatically fill in the rest of the username. But be careful, if there are people who also begin with T and are before Temmington alphabetically, it will display their username first. This isn't a problem, just simply keep pressing the tab button until you get the disered username.


This a function that can only be used by chat moderators and administrators. It allows them to kick multiple people in one time. Very useful for invasions.


Allows the user to talk to multiple people at once in a personal message, this can be temperamental. AKA, it doesn't always work. But, if you enable it, click the PM button that will appear near the AFK (this sets you as away) and the Clear button. (Clears the chat screen), follow the instructions and it should work. NOTE: Don't put a space inbetween the comma and username(s).

Search bar

This feature will add a little search bar on the top right hand side of the chat. It allows you to search the entire MLP Wiki for things you might be looking for.

Stop the sidebar from scrolling after someone spams

Now, occassionally we will get spammers in the chat room. This is a great feature! If someone spams the chat room, it often goes out of the chats usual space, meaning you will get a bottom bar, giving you the option to scroll right to see what the user typed. This can appear on your chat screen for a long time and can become very irritating. This is a simple fix for preventing this.

Change the appearence of chat

Within the chat options will be many features that allow you to change the appearance. Such as font, chat background, self post background, surround and font colour. Note: If you are trying to make an image as your background, this is not supported and must be done by following the methods on Ozank's blog. But you can change the colour here. Using colour hex codes. There will be a link at the top of the chat options screen to show you some colour hex's. Just copy and paste the hex code, click update and the appearance will be set!

Need more help?

Not a problem, leave a comment below and I will try to help you as much as I possibly can. If not, you may always contact an Administrator/Chat moderator.