An Introduction

Hi there, if like many you are new to Wikia and want to find out how to change your avatar, then this is the right guide below! This blog will be a step by step guide on how to change your Wikia avatar.

Where to Start?

To begin with you need to visit your user page. Which you can do by clicking here.

How to change your Wikia avatar, step one.

This is what your userpage will appear as. Except the blue bit below and possibly the blue links.

Changing Your Avatar

Now you know how to access your user page, I will now explain to you how to change your avatar. Using pictures as a step by step picture guide.

How to change your Wikia avatar, step two.

1) Hover your mouse over the default avatar. (The grey person). You should see an icon below saying "Edit avatar".

How to change your Wikia avatar, step three.

2) You will be displayed with this window. Where you have the option to choose from the default avatars (below) or you could upload a photo.

How to change your Wikia avatar, step four.

3) If you have chosen a default avatar, click on it and click "Save, I'm Done". However, in this case, I am uploading a picture. If you are doing this, click "Browse".

How to change your Wikia avatar, step five.

4) Whilst choosing your photo, once you have found the image, click on it. Then, click on "open". You will then be presented with this screen. Click "Save, I'm Done". Then, you're done!

My Avatar Won't Change/Won't Let Me Upload a Avatar.

Sometimes, cache causes issues that mean you cannot upload/change your avatar. I will list a guide on how to clear your cache on the most popular browsers. Wikia claims you can clear your cache with Ctrl + F5 on some Browsers, but I have had little luck with this and prefer to do it manually.

Google Chrome: Press Ctrl + H, this will display your history. Click "Clear browsing data". You will then be presented with a window about what to clear. Untick everything but cache (click on cache if it is not ticked) and change the time area to "The beginning of time".  To confirm, click "Clear browsing data".

Modzilla FireFox (latest version): On the top left hand side, you will see an orange box containing "Firefox" and an arrow. Click on it. Then, on the right you will see "History > ". Click on it. Then click on "Clear recent history". Untick everything except cache. (Click on cache if it is not ticked). Set the time area to clear to "Everything".  Then to confrim, click on "Clear now".

For others, please visit this website for a guide:


Sometimes on Wikia, glitches happen which mean that you cannot either upload or sometimes even change your avatar. Don't panic, it's not your fault and Wikia will sort it eventually. However, if you find yourself in this situation, sometimes you can still change it/upload one on Community Central.


Credits to wiki How on the link on how to change your cache on other browsers that I did not list.