You know, last month ago when I posted the Ideas of My Little Pony at theme parks based on my thoughts where I listed eight today's theme parks that I would love see if they would have rides, lands or attractions that themed to My Little Pony in the future based on my thoughts, which I know you highly doubt that and don't seen that happening. And I read the first comment from someone who said that he or she dosn't love the idea for MLP to be at Universal Studios Florida theme park (which is at the #1 on my fan-made list). So since that's a case, I was thinking that instead of MLP being at Universal Studios Florida, maybe that MLP themed land and with rides and attractions would be at Universal's other theme park located right next-door to Universal Studios Florida theme park in Orlando which is called Islands of Adventure after replacing The Lost Continent section someday. What would you think about that idea despite I know you still doubt it and didn't saw that happening?

Here's a link what I'm talking about: