Meet Dream Grail; an young mare earth pony who had only one dream in her life; to became the first Earth Pony to join the Wonderbolts in history.
FANMADE OC Dream Grail

Top: OC Dream Grail
Bottom: OC Wonderbolt Dream Grail

Ever since she went to her first wonderbolts derby as a filly, she dreams of becoming the first earth pony to become a wonderbolt, despite many of her classmates making fun of her for having a nonsensical dream. Even her family thinks her dream is nonsense as they told her that wonderbolts are flyers and earth ponies belong on the ground. Dream set out to prove them wrong and make her dream come true, no matter how much it will take.

Do you think she should follow her dreams to become the first Earth Wonderbolt?

"Young Dream's at School"

FANMADE comic young dream grail

Young Dream Grail Comic