I'm not a Brony but i do enjoy the show, in fact i've watched all 3 seasons in just 3 days (watched it on Oct of 2013) but what really got my attention of the series is the MLP movie, and the one Colt that got me interested with the series and became my favorite his name is Flash Sentry. However there are few of Brony who hated him because he had no background, no character development and other stuff that makes a character. But i ,for one, am sick of it . Just because he has no background/character development and other stuff doesn't mean he shouldn't be hated/shunned/ridicule  and i know there are a few who actually like him. So i made this blog/group for those who like Flash Sentry and have no negative views of him. This is the F.S.S. or FLASH SENTRY SAVIORS! who wants to join? 
FANMADE Flash Sentry symbol

Flash Sentry Saviors Symbol


  1. 89ACM = Leader.
  2. A.K. Yerling (Second in Command)
  3. Perfect Sige 
  4. Buggynaut
  5. The Candlekeeper
  6. PegasusParchment
  7. UnknownProdigy
  8. Crimson "Valent" Azure 
  9. Flash$entry
  10. FinnXMarcy
  11. CutieMarkCrusaderCraver
  12. FireSnow16
  13. Katmare Sparkles
  14. Frosthoofs 
  15. RedArcher
  16. Seaswirl10