After having seen 'Hearth's Warming Eve ' it confuse me that when anicent 6 (Played by the Mane 6) place the flag on the land and called the land "Equestria", it shows the princesses, despite the fact this was BEFORE their time. I was told that the original flag was so old that no one could remember what it looked like. So it got me thinking 'What Would the original flag design be like?' Here's what i think it could/ should look like

FANMADE Original Equestria flag by 89AnimeCoupleMaster

My thought of what the original flag looked look

(The Flag Design represent the equally divided part of the land, with the pegasus and their home in the sky, the unicorns and their magic and the earth ponies and their land. Plus the rock in the middle represent the rock they fought over while in the cave)      

and if you've been wondering about that since it first aired and actually created your own design, share it by showing it on the comment box