• 93neptunium93

    Hi everyone. In this blog, I would like to propose what characters we most likely want to appear in future episodes. Here are my suggestions:

    • Applejack's Parents
    • Rainbow Dash's Mother and sisters
    • Crystal Hoof
    • Starlight Glimmer's Parents
    • Coco Pommel's parents
    • Princess Luna's brother (I kinda heard of rumors about this)

    You can add additional characters you wish would appear in the future by your comments. So start voting

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  • 93neptunium93

    Back in my childhood, I watched a dvd-video showing ponies (I am not sure if they are related to MLP) as the main characters. The plot is that they are making a tower of ice-cream and also created a hot-air-balloon festival. I have read a K-Zone issue in 2014 and it shows Rainbow Dash in as a candidate for the Naughty List and also watched Transformers: Age of Extinction, it made a short MLP reference in a scene where a Rainbow Dash toy transforms into a rifle.

    In early 2016, I was watching a Harlem Shake compilation. In one of it's scene is an MLP-based version of the dance. In the following days I searched about this TV series and I eventually started browsing this wiki for more characters.

    In March 2016, after overcoming my fear of my dad…

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