Back in my childhood, I watched a dvd-video showing ponies (I am not sure if they are related to MLP) as the main characters. The plot is that they are making a tower of ice-cream and also created a hot-air-balloon festival. I have read a K-Zone issue in 2014 and it shows Rainbow Dash in as a candidate for the Naughty List and also watched Transformers: Age of Extinction, it made a short MLP reference in a scene where a Rainbow Dash toy transforms into a rifle.


In early 2016, I was watching a Harlem Shake compilation. In one of it's scene is an MLP-based version of the dance. In the following days I searched about this TV series and I eventually started browsing this wiki for more characters.

In March 2016, after overcoming my fear of my dad, I decided to watch an MLP episode. The first episode I've watched is Made in Manehattan, the next is The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows, and eventually, it goes on and on until I became interested in this show.

I watched plenty of episodes since then, ableit privately for my personal safety.