Me an my Brother were hauling a Car Engine (on an engine stand) with a Large Hoist hooked to it in the Back of his truck from his house to the Trailer an Got bout 5blocks from his house when it all went wrong. 

The Hoist Tipped over, Carrying the Engine with it, over the Side of the Truck bed into the Middle of the road. Did quite a bit of damage to the truck too, Put a few dents in the side of the Bed, Bent the Tailgate, & Caved in the Track to the Tonnea Cover that came on the Truck an Bent the Cover too.

So there we are wrestling to get the lift and engine stood back up to put it back into the truck, and people are driving by watching us but no1 even BOTHERS to ask if we needed help.

Finally our uncle is driving by and decides to stop an help us, so thnx to him we git everything loaded up & tied down better (the engine off the stand), and made it to his trailer without anymore trouble.

Scootaloo passed out crop S2E12