Many people have been asking this question over and over: "Just what the heck is in the box at the end of 'Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2' that Twilight and her friends have to unlock?" Maybe I can answer this question...somehow. The season finale is sometime in late April or early May, but all we can do now is speculate.
Mysterious chest S4E02

The box... *dun dun DUN!*

What's inside the box?

Powers That Turn The Rest Of The Mane Six Into Alicorns

Perhaps when Twilight and her friends find the six keys to unlock the box, maybe mysterious powers will shoot out of the box and onto the rest of the Mane Six, making a pair of wings grow on Rarity, one horn each for Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, and a horn and a pair of wings each for Pinkie Pie and Applejack. I think this is what's inside the box because...think about it. If Twilight has been a princess this long, why not her friends just become princesses out of the blue too?

Another Box

When the box is unlocked, it will reveal...another box. Now Twilight and her friends have to find either the same amount of keys to open it or find even more keys! Or maybe the box has no keys! *dun dun DUN!*  I think this is what's inside the box because it will prompt the Mane Six to work even harder towards a similar goal.


Six keys enter the box, and it opens to reveal...nothing?! I think this is what's inside the box because it will be a great lesson for Twilight and her friends to learn, even while Twilight Sparkle is a princess.

So, what do you think is inside the box?