Ever since we've heard about episodes 17, 18, 19, and 20 lately, I need to change a few episodes in my last post in this series. I also have a few "corrections" I made and a few more theories about the box and key episodes. Get 'em below!


I stumbled across some past information about season 4 and I thought that I should correct them here.

Leap Of Faith

You know how the Leap of Faith page says there is going to be a song? Well, Meghan McCarthy's list of episodes with songs stated that episode 21 will have a song, not 20. I guess someone has to remove the fact that "Leap Of Faith" will not have a song. Sorry, Flim Flam Brothers fans. That makes me wonder what kind of song will be in episode 21...

New And Improved "Episode" List

You know what it's like!

Episode 21: "Coco's New Beau"

Episode Title: Coco's New Beau

Writer(s): Dave Polsky

Description: "It's the first day of Coco Pommel being Rarity's assistant, and the latter mare is very excited to help out with one of Ponyville's most famous designers. However, when she gets too wrapped up in Rarity's instructions, she steals her identity and gains fame. Rarity, realizing what she has done, must do something that she has never intended to do with her new assistant: find her a new designer to help."

Airdate: March 29, 2014

Yup. I bumped this episode up to episode 21 because I thought an epic song featuring Coco Pommel would really impress us bronies. I also read that Coco Pommel could possibly return in a later episode in season 4 on Equestria Daily.

Episode 22: "Crusading Alone"

Episode Title: Crusading Alone

Writer(s): Meghan McCarthy and Amy Keating Rogers

Description: "The Cutie Mark Crusaders are well convinced that their sisters are anything but help to them; the Crusaders try to earn their cutie marks without any help from their sisters."

Airdate: April 5, 2014

I'm very well convinced that there will be a third CMC episode in season four. It will be a great chance to see more character development in them.

Episode 23: "The Princess Stands Alone"

Episode Title: The Princess Stands Alone

Writer(s): Meghan McCarthy

Description: "Twilight Sparkle thinks she will make a great future ruler of Equestria later in her princesshood. However, she thinks otherwise when sudden responsibilities are thrown at her."

Airdate: April 12, 2014

I think Twilight Sparkle will either get her key of Magic in this episode or the finale. Read more about my thoughts and predictions later in this blog post...

Episode 24: "The Equestria Games"

Episode Title: The Equestria Games

Writer(s): Meghan McCarthy and Ed Valentine

Description: "The Mane Six participate at the Equestria Games and find some tough competition."

Airdate: April 26, 2014

I have also reused this episode. I somehow think that there will be the Equestria Games episode near the season finale episode.

Episode 25: "Box Of Mysteries Part 1"

Episode Title: Box Of Mysteries Part 1

Writer(s): Meghan McCarthy

Description: "After Twilight Sparkle has run over her theories about the box, the Mane Six grab their keys and head down to the Tree Of Harmony to unlock the box. However, they must find their keys again when they suddenly lose them."

Airdate: May 3, 2014

I still believe our season finale will be like this, except I've tweaked the description a bit.

Episode 26: "Box Of Mysteries Part 2"

Episode Title: Box Of Mysteries Part 2

Writer(s): Meghan McCarthy

Description: "The Mane Six must race against time to find their keys again or risk not opening the box."

Airdate: May 3, 2014

Again, I tweaked the episode description.

Key Episodes

Read about my predictions and theories about the last two keys episodes!

Applejack's Key: "Leap Of Faith"

There is almost certainly now without a doubt that Applejack's key episode is "Leap Of Faith". I think her key will probably be an "I'm Sorry" gift from the Flim Flam Brothers for all the trouble they've caused. A hat, perhaps?

Twilight Sparkle's Key: "The Princess Stands Alone" or "Box Of Mysteries Parts 1 & 2"?

I am torn between deciding whether Twilight will get her key in "The Princess Stands Alone" or "Box Of Mysteries Parts 1 & 2". Either episode, her key will probably either be a crown or a book from Princess Celestia.

Bottom Line

Explain your predictions in the comments!