Only a few episodes have aired in this very young season...of course, I'm talking about Season 4! Here are some of my predictions about the next few episodes. I will also try to predict some too.

Known Episode Predictions

Flight To The Finish

Rainbow Dash talking to the CMC S4E05

Possibly Rainbow Dash teaching the Crusaders the basics of the Equestria Games?

I think that Rainbow Dash will possibly find her key to opening the box in this episode. Another thing is that there might be a song sang by Rainbow Dash, explaining the basics of the Equestria Games. Some of the lyrics may even tell about Rainbow Dash as a filly. Even though most of you are probably thinking this, I think that Scootaloo will not get her cutie mark in this episode. I simply think that she will somehow fail while trying to carry the flag and learn from her mistake.

Power Ponies

Am I the only one who noticed that The Mane-iac's origin references the origin of the Joker or not? Anyways, I think there will be a ton of superhero references in this episode. Anyway, I wonder what Twilight was wearing in that photo to the downright corner...
Spike reading comic book S4E06

What is Twilight wearing?


A.K.A the episode with the shortest known title and the last episode to air in 2013, I expect a lot of songs in this episode. Seeing how good ol' Meghan McCarthy was going to make an "episode" called "Bats" in her April Fools Day post back on Twitter earlier this year. I wonder if Fluttershy is interested in helping...

Rarity Takes Manehatten

Leaked earlier this year, "Rarity Takes Manehatten" is the episode that we finally get that is obviously a Rarity 2014. Yes, this episode kicks off 2014 in the first week of January with an atmosphere of Rarity. Maybe she starts a new fad that citizens in Manehatten love. She may even face off against a new rival!

"Kind Of" Known Episode Predicitons

Episode Nine

(Note: The following episode info below and everything else you'll see on this post similar to it is not true. They are just predictions.)

Episode Title: Apples To The Core

Writter: Natasha Levinger

Episode Number: Nine

Description: "When Pinkie Pie's sisters visit Ponyville, she feels as if she doesn't fit in with them anymore and runs off to find another family. After numerous attempts, she comes across the Apple family, who assists her mainly in the understanding of family."

Airdate: January 11, 2014

How'd you like that? Connecting the fact that Pinkie's sisters will visit sometime in Season 4 with the song shown in the animatic from July...just somehow matches up. Why would Pinkie be singing with the Apples, anyway? I might've just answered that question of yours. Pinkie Pie might also find her key in this episode.

Completely Predicted And Unknown Episode Predictions

Episode Fifteen

Episode Title: Accordion To The New Pony

Writter: Amy Keating Rogers

Episode Number: Fifteen

Description: "When Pinkie Pie hears tongues wagging about one of her favorite musicians in Ponyville, she goes to great lengths to welcome him in her hometown to put on the greatest concert they've ever seen."

Airdate: February 22, 2013

You've guessed it. This is the episode in which "Weird Al" Yankovic guest stars in. Of course this episode will have songs, possibly more than "Magical Mystery Cure"! It will probably be worth the long wait for other episodes to air.

Phew! After all of that, what are your predictions?