Hello! I'm here today to talk about my thoughts on yesterday's episode, "Castle Mane-ia". I will talk about the things I liked about the episode, the things I disliked/sins about the episode, and the final rating. Are you ready for this?


I really liked the beginning of the episode when Twilight went all "turbo nerdy dork" and just jumped into the bookpile when she found the library with Spike. No, literally. She jumped in.

Twilight happy S4E03

About to jump into the bookpile!

I also liked when (spoiler alert) Pinkie Pie turned out to be the "Pony Of Shadows" at the end of the episode. Pinkie Pie also broke the fourth wall that time.

The cliffhanger at the end, however, perplexed me. Is the Pony Of Shadows real, or is it just Pinkie playing again with her cloak unseen by her friends somehow? We will never know.


The first thing I disliked about this episode is the screaming (+1 Sin). I mean, all of this screaming makes me think of Equestria Girls. And when I think about Equestria Girls, I think of real life. And when I think about real life, I think about real teenagers.
Applejack and Rainbow Dash screaming S04E03


I also disliked all of the cliche things in the castle (+1 Sin). I know that it's supposed to be a scary castle, but it was "Princess Celestia and Luna's old castle". There could be a few cliche things, but not that many.

Sin Counter: 2 total sins

Final Rating

And the final rating is...


Now what do you think about this episode? Talk about it in the comments!
Daring Do 'Bring it!' S4E4

Bring it on!

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