Hello! Abbey here again to talk about today's new episode "Daring Don't"! How do I adore this episode, and how many sins does it commit?


Dat plot twist at the near beginning of the episode... we knew it all along..

There were also so many Shrek references floating around everywhere...

Rainbow Dash and A.K. Yearling S4E04

We knew it all along...

I also loved the epic showdown while Daring Do and Rainbow Dash were trying to lift off each of the individual rings while the rest of the Mane Six battled the other ponies.


There's not really anything have an awesome picture of Daring Do instead.
Daring Do on an adventure promotional S4E04

Daring Do and an awesome picture of her! :D

Final Rating

And the final rating is...


Now what do you think about this episode? Talk about it in the comments!

Next week's episode: "Flight To The Finish"
Scootaloo through trampoline S4E5

Finally! A CMC episode! :D