Derp. D:


Flutterguy returns! :D
Fluttershy happy S4E14

Fluttershy (or should I say Flutterguy is singing great!

Zipporwhill! :D
Zipporwhill excited S4E14

Just look at those little flapping wings and that smiling face!

Um, er, I kind of liked this...
Fluttershy's inner torment S4E14

Since when did "Slender" invade a kids' show?


Nothing here, so have a happy Fluttershy instead.
Fluttershy singing inside a barrel S4E14

It's bigger...on the inside! XD

Final Rating

And the final rating is...


Now I want the Ponytones to come to my next birthday party...

Next episode: "Twilight Time"
Twilight with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon S4E15

What's going on?