Another review on time!


The CMC's play was awesome!
Cute Mark Crusaders on stage S4E19

This is probably the cutest play I've ever seen.

Sweetie Belle's nightmare S4E19

Cloud Rarity is terrifying!

Remind you of something?
Facebook promo For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils

Luna trying to comfort Sweetie Belle.


Sweetie Belle, Princess Luna, and I haven't found anything. So have a picture of epicness!
Sweetie Belle sees Princess Luna (Hub promotional) S4E19

It's "Children Of The Night" all over again!

Final Score

And the final score is...


This is one of the best episodes in season four. It really developed Sweetie Belle.

Next week's episode: "Leap Of Faith"
Flim Flam brothers yeah S02E15

"Do we actually return in an episode?!"