Oh no! The Breezies made me delay this post!


Flutters was so cute in this episode.
Fluttershy coy smile S4E16

"I figured out that if you smile, you'll look cute."

Seabreeze was pretty awesome in this episode.
Seabreeze shouting orders S4E16

"What are we? Breezies! What are we doing? Migrating!"

The Mane Six as Breezies were pretty awesome.
Main cast in Breezie forms S4E16

Where's Flutters?


Nothing here, so have my favorite Breezie of all.
Breezie eating grape S4E16

I'd call this one Leafbreeze.

Final Rating

And the final rating is...


Whew! Guess the Breezies didn't stall me while I was writing this! Or did they...?

Next week's episode: "Somepony To Watch Over Me"
Apple Bloom build new float S3E4

"I can prove to my sis that I don't need her to watch over me anymore!"