Apples to th- Oh! Whoops! Looks like I have to post this on a Monday now.


Pinkie Pie gets caught up in would usually expect Twilight doing that...
Pinkie Pie holding up scroll S4E09

She's excited alright...

Apples to the Core is a good song! :D
Apple core between Applejack and Apple Bloom S4E09

Were Apples to the core!

Duck face Pinkie Pie is best Pinkie Pie!
Pinkie Pie duckface photo with Applejack S4E09

The Duck Face


No sins this time, but speaking of sins, have Slendermane...
Pinkie Pie and Applejack rolling S4E09

Go slightly right and...

Final Rating

And the final rating is...


Hoo-wee! That sure was a mouthful! What do you think? Comment below down yonder!

Next week's episode: "Rainbow Falls"
Rainbow Dash flying in Rainbow Falls S4E10

Rainbow Dash must be having a hard time!