Hi! Abbey is back, and is sadly making a blog post on a Monday... D: Anywho, let's review this episode and see how many sins it commited!


I immediately recognized the reference in the Mane-iac's origin story. She is awesome! Poor Spike/Humdrum...

LOL "Flutterhulk"
Saddle Rager roars S4E06

Flutterhulk mad!


No sins here... So have another Flutterhulk picture!
Saddle Rager unaffected by blast S4E06

What is this, a Pokémon battle?

Final Rating

And the final rating is...


What a great episode! What do you think about it? Discuss it in the comments!

Next week's episode: "Bats!"
Fluttershy and Applejack at Sweet Apple Acres S4E07

Why can't Fluttershy have her way for once?