Welp. Late again. That's an academy record!


Ah. Rainbow Falls. A place where you'd expect to see a double rainbow all the way across the sky.
Rainbow Falls S4E10

Where your fears and horrors come true...

Soarin! No!
Soarin' falling down S04E10

Is he failing to save a stray pie, or is he actually falling?

Derpy's back! :D
Derpy holding Ponyville flag S04E10

"Hi bronies!"


I've liked everything in this episode, so have a picture of Bulk Biceps.
Bulk kissing his muscles S4E10

They're my babies.

Final Rating

And the final rating is...


I wonder what's in store for us when Discord returns again! Comment below about your thoughts of this episode! (Below, the picture is actually from Keep Calm and Flutter On, not Three's a Crowd. I just had to find a good Discord picture.)

Next week's episode: "Three's A Crowd"
Discord "are you sure this isn't overdoing it?" S03E10

What will Discord demand so much of that will hold Twilight back from visting Cadance?