Genero- Oh, sorry! I got so caught up in Rarity's song. Now I must do my take on the episode!


Generosity! That is one of my favorite songs this season.
Rarity 'Oh, Manehattan' S4E8

Look at Rainbow Dash's face!

Prim Hemline, Suri Polomare, and Coco Pommel are all pretty awesome!
Prim Hemline speaking S4E08

One of the new characters

Now earlier... Poor Spike. D:
Mane 6 in Manehattan S4E08

Spike always is carrying Rarity's bags...


Nothing here, so have Grumpy Cat.
Rarity Takes Manehattan promo Grumpy Cat

That must be one angry stallion.

Final Rating

And the final rating is...


Bravo, bravo! I want to hear your thoughts on this episode too, darling!

Next week's episode: "Pinkie Apple Pie"
Applejack and siblings by wagon S4E09

Is Pinkie really related to the Apple family?