Finally! A blog post (sort of) on time!


The fact that Trendity turned out to be destroyed in the very end! :D
Rarity and Trenderhoof at train station promotional S4E13

These two don't know that they won't be together at the end of the episode...

Rarity reminds me of Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls
Rarity looking at Trenderhoof photos S4E13

It's just like a teenage girl obsessed over the Biebs! XD

Rarity and Applejack fighting! >:D
Rarity and Applejack looking at each other promotional S4E13

Ooh! A fight between polar opposites of Equestria!


Nuttin' here, so have Pinkie with a swelled head!
Simple Ways promotional Pinkie Pie balloon

She's gonna pop!

Final Rating

And the final rating is...


Sure, Trenderhoof made me angry a couple of times...

Next week's episode: "Filli Vannili"
Fluttershy is very happy S1E17

I have a favorite band?! I never knew that!