Oh no. Not again. Perhaps Applejack should watch over me.


The bow and hat closet... XD
Hats and bows about to fall down S4E17

Perhaps I should own a hat and bow closet...

The CMC all wearing bows... Hnnnnngggggg!
Apple Bloom "It is!" S4E17


The chimera was boss in this episode!
Chimera "where are the pies" S4E17

See? I told you so!


Saw nothin' bad... So have a Disney reference!
Chimera snake head hypnotic eyes S4E17

Trussssst in meeeeeeeeee...

Final Rating

And the final rating is...


On second thought, maybe Applejack should watch over me...

Next week's episode: "Maud Pie"
Maud Pie EW promotional image

Who is she?