Yet another article on time!


Twilight Sinister Sparkle returns...
Twilight Sparkle gets an idea S4E21


Pinkie Pie has another counterpart! :D
TV Guide's teaser of Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

All of the gangsta Pinkie pictures regularly posted on this wiki finally make sense...

Rainbow Professionalism Dash returns! (I need to think of other things I like from this episode other than pony counterparts...)
Rainbow with sunglasses (Hub promotional teaser) S4E21

"I wear these 'cause I look cool in them."


Nothin' here. Have Twilight and Rainbow in the library.
Twilight and Rainbow in the library S4E21

Learning is fun. Very fun.

Final Score

And the final score is...


I need to stop writing about counterparts.

April 19's Episode: "Trade Ya"
Twilight's grin S4E08

"Trading, huh?"