Trade ya for these trading cards? Just kidding! XD


It's really nice to see Rainbow Falls again!
Distance view of Rainbow Falls S4E22

Up for any flying?

I want to see more canon interaction between these two background ponies...
Amethyst Star trading with Sassaflash S4E22

Could these two possibly be friends?

Pinkie breaking the fourth wall again?...
Pinkie showing Twilight the rules S4E22

Da rules!


Nothing to tarde here, so I trade you the adorable Daring Do vendor! (I think her name should be Teddy)
Daring Do collector "the sweetest thing I've ever heard" S4E22

Anybody like my suggested name for her?

Final Score

And the final score is...


One more question for you guys: Who would own a bunch of Discord lamps? Some fanboy...

Next week's episode: "Inspiration Manifestation"
Rarity organize S3E9

"I just got inspired!"