Well, this is it... This will cover both the first part and the second part.


This scene.
Discord to Tirek, "It's mostly for Fluttershy" S4E25

"Where? Where?"

Epic battle scene! >:D
Twilight facing Tirek S4E26


A certain somepony returns! <3
Cheese Sandwich in Let the Rainbow Remind You S4E26

Please return in season five!


Finally, an episode from season four has provoked me to include sins. Three, to be exact.

1.This song was really stretching the truth, wasn't it? (+1 Sin)
Celestia, Luna and Cadance singing around Twilight S4E25


2.These designs for Rainbow Power look really tacky...except for Pinkie and Flutters. (+1 Sin)
Main cast powering up S4E26

T.A.C.K.Y. Tacky.

3.This song made me cringe...and remember the lost Golden Oaks Library. (+1 Sin)
Mane 6 at their castle S4E26

R.I.P Golden Oaks Library 2010-2014

Final Rating

And the final rating is...


Man. This time, I was really disappointed. This finale could've done a lot better in my opinion. By the way, all of my "positive" scores in my past blogs in this series I just really liked. Some of them were liked more than others, but I still gave them a 10/10 score. Hope you guys understand now. By the way, I'm also going to create a blog with things I'd like to see in MLP: FiM Season Five and beyond! Goodbye!