Sorry that I haven't been making blog posts in over a year. I was just too busy. However, I've heard recently that an episode list was leaked, possibly containing the second half of season five. I want to share with you my thoughts on what the second half of season five would be like if these episode titles were true. (Writer's names not included)

Episode 14: Canterlot Boutique

Rarity wants to expand her business to Canterlot, so she seeks out help from Coco Pommel and makes her manager of the new store in Canterlot. Little does Rarity know, Coco Pommel is not fit for the complicated requests from the citizens of Canterlot.

Episode 15: Scare Master

The rest of the Mane Six must figure out why Fluttershy doesn't like Nightmare Night.

Episode 16: Rarity Investigates

The map sends Rarity to Canterlot, where she must solve a mystery relating to Fancypants.

Episode 17: Made in Manehatten

The map sends Applejack to Manehatten, where she must help Babs Seed get over her worries about her new cutie mark.

Episode 18: Brotherhooves Social

Twilight Sparkle and Applejack decide to organize a picnic for their brothers and Fluttershy joins in too. But when their brothers arrive to the picnic, Fluttershy's brother is less than enthusiastic to socialize.

Episode 19: Crusaders of The Lost Mark

The Cutie Mark Crusaders go on an "epic quest" after they hear rumors of somepony's cutie mark stolen.

Episode 20: The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

The map sends Pinkie Pie to Las Pegasus, where she must help Cheese Sandwich settle a dispute between him and an antisocial party planner.

Episode 21: Hearthbreakers

Pinkie Pie celebrates Hearth's Warming Eve with her family, only to find out that her sisters Marble and Limestone have some disheartening secrets.

Episode 22: What About Discord?

Discord tries to find out why the Mane Six have been ignoring him lately.

Episode 23: The Hooffields and McColts

The map sends Applejack and Pinkie Pie to Appleloosa to settle an ongoing feud between two families for years.

Episode 24: The Mane Attraction

Rarity tries to steal the spotlight from an up-and-coming musician mare out of jealousy.

Episode 25: The Cutie Remark Part 1

Starlight Glimmer gets her ultimate revenge after she magically rewrites Equestrian history, causing Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom to never happen.

Episode 26: The Cutie Remark Part 2

The Mane Six must band together to change history back to the way it was and defeat Starlight Glimmer.

So, what do you think? Post your predictions about the episodes below (and writers too)!