Many of us users, including me, have been wanting Cheese Sandwich to make his well-deserved return in season five (in my opinion). If he were to return, I have three scenarios which could possibly happen. After each scenario, I will explain why this scenario might be turned into an episode in season five (including Cheese, of course). Let the reading begin!

Scenario 1: Another Birthday Party In Ponyville

Cheese Sandwich's Cheesy Sense leads him back to Ponyville when [insert pony name here]'s birthday party is being planned.

Why This May Be Possible

Well, Cheese Sandwich seems to be great at planning birthday parties, so why not? I mean, he planned Rainbow Dash's birthiversary in Pinkie Pride with ease (with Pinkie Pie's help of course).

Scenario 2: Pinkie Tags Along

Pinkie Pie finds out where Cheese Sandwich is planning his next party, so she sets off to find him. Once she does, she tags along with him in what might be the longest walk to [insert town/city name here] he's ever taken.

Why This May Be Possible

I'd love to see more development between both Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie, but together. It would also be pretty funny to see Pinkie Pie bothering Cheese Sandwich on his way to [insert town/city name here]!

Scenario 3: Pinkie and Cheese's New Rival

A new party pony named [insert new pony name here] in Ponyville threatens both Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie's party-planning, so the two must team up and show this new rival what they've got as party planners.

Why This May Be Possible

The unique twist of this episode is that both Cheese and Pinkie's party-planning days are numbered instead of just Pinkie's in the famous Pinkie Pride episode. It would also be nice to see another villain song and some polkas.

What Do You Think?

Comment below some scenarios of your own, pick a name or some names for these scenarios, or tell me your opinions on these scenarios!