• Abbylou145

    Dusk shine (Genderswapped Twilight sparkle) - Robin (Teen titans/GO!)

    Butterscotch (Genderswapped Fluttershy) - Gumball watterson (The amazing world of gumball)

    Bubble Berry (Genderswapped Pinkie Pie) - Spongebob (Spongebob squarepants)

    Elusive (Genderswapped Rarity) - Jamie the mailman (Steven universe)

    Apple jack (Genderswapped Applejack) - Knuckles (Sonic boom)

    Rainbow blitz (Genderswapped Rainbow dash) - Sonic (Sonic the hedgehog)

    Barbara (Genderswapped spike) - Connie (Steven universe) (Originaly going to be voice acted by Ruby rose,but I changed it)

    Scooteroll (Genderswapped Scootaloo) - Harvey (Harvey beaks)

    Sweepy belle (Genderswapped Sweetie belle) - Lincoln loud (Loud house)

    Applebuck (Genderswapped Applebloom) - Darwin watterson (The ama…

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  • Abbylou145

    Mordicai (Regular show) - Twilight sparkle

    Steven (Steven universe) - Spike 

    Margaret (Also from Regular show) - Flash Sentry

    Fee (From Harvey beaks) - Pinkie pie

    Harvey (Also from Harvey beaks) - Fluttershy

    Darwin watterson (From The amazing world of gumball) - Applejack

    Nicole watterson (Also from the amazing world of gumball) - Rarity

    Gumball watterson (Also from The amazing world of gumball) - Rainbow dash

    Toriel (From Undertale) -  Principal Celestia

    Asriel (Also from Undertale) - vice Principal Luna

    Magolor (Kirby) - Sunset shimmer

    From the sequel Rainbow Rocks:

    Team charm (Lopunny,Medicham,And Gardevoir) (Pokemon) - The dazzilings (Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk)

    Garnet (Also from steven universe) - Maud pie

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  • Abbylou145

    Twilight sparkle - Jenny wakeman 

    Appleack - Sandy cheecks

    Rainbow dash - Mrs daredevil 

    Fluttershy - Alphys

    Rarity - Mettaton ex

    Pinkie pie - Fee (Harvey beaks)

    Spike - Steven (Steven universe)

    Princess celestia - Toriel

    Princess Luna - Asriel (Kid)

    Nightmare moon - Asriel dreemurr 

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  • Abbylou145

    mlp x Undertale

    September 12, 2016 by Abbylou145

    Applebloom - Frisk

    Diamond tiara - Chara

    Bubble berry - Sans

    Pinkie pie - Papyrus

    Princess celestia - Toriel

    Lord solaris - King asgore

    Rainbow dash - Undyne

    Twilight sparkle - Alphys

    Rarity - Mettaton

    Starlight glimmer - Flowey

    Nightmare moon - Omega flowey

    Asriel dreemurr (Adult) - Nighterror nebula

    Asriel dreemurr (Kid) - Butterscotch

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