Mordicai (Regular show) - Twilight sparkle

Steven (Steven universe) - Spike 

Margaret (Also from Regular show) - Flash Sentry

Fee (From Harvey beaks) - Pinkie pie

Harvey (Also from Harvey beaks) - Fluttershy

Darwin watterson (From The amazing world of gumball) - Applejack

Nicole watterson (Also from the amazing world of gumball) - Rarity

Gumball watterson (Also from The amazing world of gumball) - Rainbow dash

Toriel (From Undertale) -  Principal Celestia

Asriel (Also from Undertale) - vice Principal Luna

Magolor (Kirby) - Sunset shimmer

From the sequel Rainbow Rocks:

Team charm (Lopunny,Medicham,And Gardevoir) (Pokemon) - The dazzilings (Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk)

Garnet (Also from steven universe) - Maud pie