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Now, why you're really here. I'm hosting a fanficiton contest, that is, I want to see what the people on this wikia can do. The contest is closed to non-wiki members (that means If no one can tell me you existed before I posted this, I won't let you enter, because there are some other places I'm doing giveaways).

Alright, so let's get down to buisness. Some of you could probbably crank out some absolutely bueatiful work, some of you can produce okay work, and some of you probably don't even consider your story fanficition. THATS OK, Because most of you will be on an even playing field here. There are going to be 3 charts at the bottom of this, and you will be required to make them the main elements of your story. The first table governs your main character, the second one governs your type of conflict (explained later), and the third factors in the supporting character. You're free to add anything else you want, or an other supporting characters, but the main characters need to be intact and the conflict needs to be intact.

Now, I'm sure you want to know why you should do this- The reason is simple, if you win, I'm going to give you stuff on steam. If I can't pay you through steam, then we will discuss an alternative way to make a payment (perhaps I can buy you premium on DA or something)


First Place Will have a choice of Left4Dead2, Don't Starve, Baldur's Gate (EE edition), or The Binding Of Isaac. Alternatively, I'll pay you 3 TF2 keys if you don't like these prizes.

Second Place May choose Left4Dead2, Don't Starve, or The Binding Of Isaac as a prize (assuming that it wasn't picked by the first place winner)

Third Place Will get a choice between The Binding of Isaac or 2 TF2 keys (assuming these prizes haven't been claimed, if they have, I will also allow you to choose Don't Starve)

All those who enter and complete 5 chapters Can get 3 TF2 Refined Metal, if that's of any use to you.

(ie. yes, if you get 1st you can get the TF2 ref too.) If you want an alternative prize, ie. Castle Crashers or something, tell me, we'll talk.

What a story must have

Chapters:  1000 words every chapter at least. Not more than 5000 words per chapter, you'll kill me. Brevity is Magic. No more than 20 chapters per fic. When the fic is over, put "THE END", and mean it. Chapters can be submitted as you finish them, please don't dump 20 of them on me on the last day, It'll make Apple Bloom sad, and no one likes to see Apple Bloom sad.

Rating: Keep it civil. If you're giving me a creepy pasta, then you need to send it to me on skype or in PM on chat, don't post a link to wherever you're putting them here. Also, if your fic is ... Right, I don't want anything like that. Keep it PG-13 unless we discuss it beforehand.

Hosting: Don't care how you get me the story, you can post it on FiM Ficition, on,, put it on pastebin (actually, please don't do that), or dropbox. Please don't post your fic on wikia, Wikia tends to destroy the formatting, and I don't want to read a story that's formatting has been ruined, I like to see it as it's meant to be read.

Interesting: If you bore me, I'm going to tell you "This bores me". ...But not until after the contest is over.


I'm going to give people until JUNE 8TH to fully submit their fics. I have given this much time due to FINALs, WORK, LIFE, MY OWN SANITY, and QUALITY. I understand a good fic can't be rushed, However by June I'll probably get bored with this and want it to be done so prizes can be given out an this can be concluded.

The Tables

Oh god... these will be long, loool, Here we go.

Dice Role Character Name
1 ALICORN Twilight Sparkle
2 Rainbow Dash
3 Pinkamena (straight hair pinkie)
4 Apple Bloom
5 Sweetie Belle
6 Synergy (cause why not?)
7 UNICORN Twilight Sparkle
8 Fluttershy
9 Nyx
10 Trixie

Dice Role The Conflict Name
1 Pony Vs. Pony
2 Pony Vs. Self
3 Pony Vs. Society
4 Pony Vs. Nature

(Yes, I own a 4 sided dice)

Dice role Character name (SUPPORT)
1 SOLID (future) Twilight Sparkle
2 Princess Luna
3 Princess Celestia (Young, pink hair)
4 Scootaloo
5 Fluttershy
6 Vinyl Scratch
7 Octavia
8 Lyra (if you give me a sadfic with her...)
9 Berry Pinch (little berry punch?)
10 WoodenToaster Pony (o.o)

Closing notes

I will make the dice roles, they will be random. If I let you role the dice, then you could pick whatever you want (plus not everyone has 10 sided dice and a 4 sided dice). I understand it can be turn-offish that you have to follow some rules, But it was the only way I could keep some uniformity to this contest.


I'd like this to be fun, and I'd like to see what he community has to offer. Mostly fun though, after all, why do something if you're not having fun with it?

Please let me know if you're going to be taking part in this by April 20th.