So while I was at Bronycon (which will be for anther blog AFTER I finish organizing my thoughts and uploading a few pictures), Ocredan got me to watch Equestria Girls. Suffice to say, I almost didn't get to watch it and I was very worried that I wouldn't get to see it.

Honestly, I wouldn't have missed out on too much. The songs were very bland and didn't have anything that stood out about them. The movie's concept was nothing short of classic and cliche. It pissed me off that I wasted 72 minutes of my life. I didn't like it one bit.

After the movie and a few well earned laughs, I was having lunch with Ocredan, and I decided to test something. I told him I was a secret agent from another realm and that's why he hardly saw me during the con and there were times no one knew where I was- Because I was off taking care of secret things I couldn't share with him. He believed me because we're friends, and evven though we'd known of each other, we'd only met a few days previously.

It let me believe the premise of Equestria Girls. Do I like that they are in high school? I like that they are seniors, which means that they're basically my age, which is what I had always perceived. (Did Fluttershy get held back a grade?)

Anyway, the movie really served to get my imagination pumping, and I really felt for Twilight after my weekend. I still disapprove of Princess Twilight, but I think this movie helped me get over her being an Alicorn (esp/ when they retconned her flying). I'm glad she was as freaked out by the movie characters as I was, It was quite perfect.

... I'm still not sure what to make of the anthro things they turned into at the end, I mean, yeah ._. I'm still contemplating what the hell happened there. Overall it was an enjoyable movie an not as bad as I thought it would be.

... Still, I think one movie is just right, I hope that it takes more than 2 and a half years for the portal to reopen.