Hello Everypony!

So as I'm sure some of you may know, Bronycon will be starting up in just over two weeks.  There are going to be thousands of bronies there, and is one of the biggest gatherings of bronies ever. I'll hopefully get a few autographs and maybe even get some nice bling to bring back (like I did from Pon3con!). I'll just have to fight the crowds.

Anyway, there is more to this story than what you might think. It's not just me that's going to Bronycon, there are other users that I'll be meeting there too- but I'll let them make themselves known in the comments or on their own blogs if they haven't already, those two should know who they are, can't wait to meet up mates.

If anyone else is going to be there and you'd like to meet up, then just leave a comment and I'll keep an eye out for you! I won't be hard to spot- I'll either be wearing my trench coat and black clothes or I'll be in my Dan (Dan Vs.) Cosplay. Just find the guy mumbling to himself with a notebook that he's jotting things down to hate in.

I'm really hoping this trip is fun, but it's going to be hectic. I'll be on a train ride for 36 hours there and back, so it'll be a long time. I'll be off the wiki for a full week at the very least, starting July 30th and going until August 6th. I'll also be moving during this time, so it's very likely that I will be gone for an even extended amount of time, possibly closer to a week and a half to two weeks.

Anyway, if you're going to be there, I look forward to seeing you, if not, then have a fun time without me. Hopefully I can find a nice guy or gal to dance with there ^^;