(Yes, that's Nebraska Pony)

This is just a friendly notice to everyone, I will be Inactive from the dates of Thursday the 9th until Monday the 13th.  I will be out of town for the Pon3Con, and it is unlikely that I will have the time or energy to stop in and even say hello. I will certainly try if I can! If any of you are going to Pon3Con, I will be a Luna Radio (PVL) Shirt with a black Trench coat on. I may or may not be wearing a black patrol cap, but I will have on black sweats or slacks as well as a pair of Black combat boots (that's a lot of black).

Feel free to come say Hello, I'd love to meet some Bronies. I'm currently stocking up on supplies (that's the non-cliche way of saying "Grabbin' Pills") for the trip and finishing finals, so my activity this whole week is somewhat reduced. I hope you all have a good may and enjoy yourselves. Don't have too much fun without me.

I'll bring back pictures and stories .__. After all, I'll probably be there with a media pass.

On a side note, if something horrible should happen to me I leave Captain Derpy my Ogame accounts.

So hey... Don't Stop me now!