So as I'm sure you are all aware, Twilight Sparkle has become a Princess. There are a few things that this means, most notably that a major element of the show has been altered, and also that the term "Alicorn" is now canon (thanks pinkie!).

However, there is a larger problem here that needs to be addressed, and it actually has surprisingly little to do with Twilight becoming a princess as far as the character herself goes, but rather the connotation created here. In order for me to break down to my primary point, which is that this is the largest slandering of the female gender I've seen in FiM, I need to break down the history of the show. I'm not here to discuss theories about how Twilight's Memories of her friends might not be accurate, or that things may be incorrect- I'm going to go to assume the show is Exactly What it says on the Tin.

Season 1

Twilight is special, there is no doubt about that, she has her own talent that makes her somepony, and she uses it to make the world a better place, helping her teacher. But, some ponies have the same talents (TRIXIE), however it's how much time we spend honing them that makes us better or worse. More on this later, as it is reinforced in S3.

Twilight is somepony who needs to grow up and make friends, and she is able to do so. She doesn't need to be anypony important (everyone seems to have forgotten she saved them from Nightmare Moon?)

But DID she save them from Nightmare Moon? Without her friends, she never would have been able to win, she would have lost that fateful night, and the world would have fallen into shadow. Without the 5 elements, she would have been nothing at all, and truly, she never would have reached the ruins if not for her friends! Her power is useless without them.

Season 2

Once more, Twilight returns to save the day with the help of her friends, this time saving them from their insecurities so they can confront Discord. However, she herself is only able to do this because CELESTIA helped her first!

Once more, we see in the Changeling invasion, that Twilight is taking an active role, but how much does she really do? she casts some doubt and is able to find Cadance, but Cadance seems to escape fairly well on her own. Cadance and Shining Armor save the day, while the mane 6 ponies share the fighting equally. Twilight really has done little to nothing so far.

Season 3

I'm hoping to finally see Twilight make some fires! She starts the fires but she misses the firefights... Once again though, she only plays a supporting role, Spike stealing the show against Sombre (the best villian we've had, but that's another discussion for another time).

We also see Lighting Dust appear, who has the same talent as Rainbow Dash, and this creates a parallel to Trixie. By establishing this parallel, we can safety assume that Twilight is not so special, but rather, has taken more time to increase her abilities.

Why the hell does any of that matter?

It's a given that Season 4 will focus on Twilight's new responsibilities, that is a given no one can deny. However, what we have been shown here is you need to be a princess to be special. You can't be a run of the mill pony and be special, you have to be a princess. If this girl is really targeted at little girls, then you've just told every little girl they can't be a normal person in society, who isn't anything special, and never truly gets the limelight, and be important.

No, instead you must have the limelight, you must be this. What's wrong with being a regular unicorn, a normal pony that is smart, perfect in her own way, but not royalty?

Not everyone can be royalty, and they don't need to be. Twilight was already accomplishing a lot, ever if others took the stagelight. Now I ask you my fellow Bronies, Do not hate or like Twilight Sparkle because she is an Alicorn Princess, Neigh, ask yourselves, do we approve of a character that plants the idea in the heads of small girls that unless they're a princess they will never be truly special? Are we okay with a show that breeds sexism and creates a future self esteem problem in the women of the future?

I cannot stand by a character that does this personally, and while I am personally opposed to the new Princess for many aesthetic reasons, the true crime here is the damage to the minds of young girls. Oppose Twilight Sparkle for what she stands for- continuing the belief that women must be perfect princesses in order to be special and great. You can't be normal and be special according to this character.

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