While I suppose some fans are (at best) unsure how they feel about developments in the Season 3 finale, I have to admit that in addition to liking the majority of it and looking forward to what they might do with it all, I was especially fond of the little bit set within "Alicorn Heaven". Despite their apparently phenomenal cosmic powers, there is such a sweet maternal relationship between Celestia and Twilight and I really thought that song and setting managed to capture it by being appropriately epic and heartfelt all at To tell you the truth, it has been a very long time since I have read a story that has touched my heart so deeply. I am even man enough to admit that it is so moving that it has brought me to tears because of how beautiful and well crafted this story is. Please tell your friend that he has truthfully made one of the greatest stories of unwavering love as well as brought with the best character to represent it, not to mention that he has actually re awakened my understanding of this all powerful feeling. As well your picture is absolutely perfect for this story and even at this moment bring tears of joy to my eyes just looking at it. P.s. I will do all that I can if you believe as well as I do that a sequel should be made where Tia and Spike explain to Luna the love and sacrifice that Twilight made for them. along with a lot of flash backs to when they were still fillies and the children of the other poniesonce.

FANMADE Que Sera Sera cover illustration by harwicks-art