It's the end of an era.

I joined MLP Wiki in June 2012 as a starry-eyed newbie. I knew naught of the Internet's social workings; I joined after hearing about and taking interest in a little cartoon about talking ponies and friendship, just as Season 2 was wrapping up its run and I was transitioning into high school as a freshman. I tried making a couple edits on articles, then happened upon the chat room. I had little idea it would have such an impact on my growth as a person. I'm quite shy and introverted beyond this screen, and this became an opportunity to make some friends on here. I've encountered people on many different walks of life on that chatroom, and I've learned to keep my mind and heart open to others whose paths intersect mine.

tl;dr I've matured a lot in my four years here

Despite all the good times I've had here, many a good thing does not last forever. This is no complaint against anything that's gone on in there. I have none to note; ultimately I've found enjoyment and a means of growing regardless of what happens. This, sadly for me, is a farewell.

I hope that as a chat moderator I've been able to serve dutifully in ensuring that the rules are followed and peace is kept as best as is possible. I hope that those I've encountered remember me, possibly as a friend or someone that was not so distant that they could not be approached. I hope that my presence has had some positive impact on at least one person here, because that is the least of what I strived to be.

Why my departure, you ask? As the previous June hit, after four years, I graduated high school. With my schoolwork it was tricky sometimes to manage my time well. By the end of this summer I start over again as a freshman, now in college. With that comes a new phase in my life, and new things to begin.

I'd just like to note though, at the time of writing I don't plan on this being my last act forever on this wiki. I go out of town shortly and won't be back until August, but I intend to remove some of the info still on my profile then and make one last edit or two to my Chat Moments page. I may drop by chat some time in August, and perhaps even some time in the future beyond that! However, my moderator duties now and forever conclude today. I won't be able to make time to moderate here anymore once I'm at college, bu I hope this place continues to run just as it always has.

You've been a wonderful group, and I bid you farewell and wish the best of luck in whatever you pursue. GbNMRdG.png  FQkY8qo.png