The Chat's Elements of Harmony

  • Magic = Zakattacks (Zak) He represents every element and is one of the kindest bronys ever.
  • Laughter = Alana Katana (Alana/Cpt Jiggly Butt) She laughs at everything. :P
  • Generousity = CelestiaofEquestria (Cel/Celery) He's a very helpful person and not greedy.
  • Honesty = Foodband1t (Food) He's honest to everyone and never lies.
  • Loyalty = CaveJohnson (Cave) He never backstabs anyone and will always be your friend.
  • Kindness = Pony n' meatballs (Spaghetti/Pony) She's never mean to anyone.
  • Muffins = Bronymon (Brony) He gives out muffins.
  • Music = Kyobeck (Kyo) He's very good at making electronic music and definitely has a skill in doing so.
  • Art = Octado (Octi/Oct) Good at art.
  • Rhythmic = Adster123 (Addie/Private Cocoa) Very flexible in rhythmic.
  • Randomness = FlutterainbowDash (FRD) It's so much fun being random with this guy.
  • Gaming = Haedman (Haed) He plays TF2 a lot. :P
  • Energy = Bubbaboy1201 (Bubba) He's a very engertic person.

If you would live to be in this just leave a comment of what you want to be below and I'll make you it.

Cya later! :)