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FANMADE Squabble of the Songs

The Battle of the Bands is back... in Equestria! 16 ponies are competing against each other with their songs, but only 8 of them will be moving on to Round 2. It's your choice to vote... the name will be first, and the song will be in brackets. <> Squabble of the Songs: Twilight Sparkle (The Failure Song) Rainbow Dash (I'll Fly) Pinkie Pie (Smile Song) Rarity (Art of the Dress) Applejack (Raise this Barn) Fluttershy (Music in the Treetops) Spike (Jewel Cake?) Starlight Glimmer (In Our Town) Cheese Sandwich (The Super Duper Party Pony) Apple Bloom (We'll Make our Mark-Prelude) Sweetie Belle (Hush Now Lullaby) Scootaloo (Cutie Mark Crusader Anthem) Rara (The Magic Inside) Diamond Tiara (The Pony I Want to Be) Big Mac (Sisterhood) Flim and Flam (The Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic) Princess Celestia (Celestia's Ballard) </>

This is mainly about the songs, so please don't vote for your favourite character.

Happy Voting!

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