If you want to vote, please go to User blog:Amayamay123/Squabble of the Songs: Semi-Finals

I'm back! And I've got some news: I miscounted and Flim and Flam are out.

Anyway, here're the results from Round 1:

FANMADE Squabble of the Songs Round 1 results


After 6 days, the 4 songs to have the most votes will go to the Semi-Finals.
The song will be in brackets after the pony.
Please DO NOT vote for your fave' pony and instead vote for your fave' song.

So, for Round 2, here's what you have to vote for!

<> Round 2: Twilight Sparkle (Morning in Ponyville) Rainbow Dash (Find a Pet Song) Pinkie Pie (Laughter Song) Rarity (Generosity) Cheese Sandwich (Cheese Confesess) Scootaloo (We'll Make our Mark) Rara (Equestria, The Land I Love) Diamond Tiara (Light of Your Cutie Mark) </>

Happy Voting!

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