Considering lots of comments on my last few pages, I came together with something new and fresh besides the main programmes I put on. Perhaps it would be best if I predict any episode ideas instead of everypony out there. Judging by some comments, I will take some ideas from some of them as they are appealing to the eye. 

S06E13 - Flying Has To Have Courage (Scootaloo thinks that scootering on the ground is boring and wants to fly cool like Rainbow Dash. Judging by her wings, she makes a start on flying. Although, she's nervous and is scared to have lessons with Dashie as she might crash at her first attempt. When Rainbow Dash encounters Scootaloo in Ponyville trying to fly, she gives lessons out to her to make Scootaloo less afraid.)

S06E14 - Crushes & Nightmares (When Spike misheard Rarity having another special somepony, Spike is furious and wants Rarity to like him instead. When his efforts of trying to get Rarity to like him fail, Rarity dumps Spike and he breaks in crying. When he finds out it was all just a dream, he goes to Carousel Boutique, and tells Rarity about his terrible dream. 

S06E15 - Everypony And Anypony (Pinkie Pie wants the crowd to lighten up. So she sneaks in Zecora's hut and takes all of her potions out of it and sells them for free to everypony. When Zecora finds out about her potions, she makes Pinkie Pie into a puppet pony to learn her lesson.)

Hope you enjoy! :)