Hello, everypony! We have upcoming news! The list of the best songs of all time. Let's sum this list up, pony-style!

No. 10 - Babs Seed (Song) - One Bad Apple

Wow, god heavens! This song is very catchy. A good guitar! Reminds me of 'When Will My Life Begin?' by Tangled. Babby is a bully for sure (at the start) The song gets stuck in your head, right? Awesome, ponies!

No. 9 - Find A Pet Song - May the Best Pet Win

Bouncy beat, awesome song background. This song describes the real personality of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, doesn't it? The animals sure look cute, but Dashie wants a cool, cool pet. May the best Pet WIN! Not forgetting, there is some sort of duet happening in the piece. Great song, great episode.

No. 8 - Smile Song - A Friend in Deed

Pinkie Pie's voice deserves the chance of being a true ponystar (popstar) Besides, we have stumbled across this great song which really links to the title! It makes me SMILE! #my name is pinkie pie, hello! And I am here to say...#

No. 7 - Flim Flam Brothers Song - The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

A true villain song that is very bouncy, very catchy, etc. But cider is very much considered as alcohol, right? You know for children? Despite that, I feel about this song, appley about Apples. (a HUGE family) I'm getting off the subject, right?

No. 6 - Hearts Strong as Horses - Flight to the Finish

Damn, this song is familiar to another song in another movie... ...Anyways, the video itselves points out a training montage... ...always montages!! ...Anyways, ANOTHER Cutie Mark Crusaders' classic song! Along with Babs Seed (Song)Hearts Strong as Horses AND We'll Make Our Mark! This trio deserves to sell a record after that! Anyways...

No. 5 - The Goof Off - Pinkie Pride

Along with Magical Mystery Cure and A Friend in Deed, this musical episode has a song based out on 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' by Mary Poppins. A silly song? Check! Something got to do with mayonnaise? Check! A song in a musical episode? Definitely check! An awesomely, silly song that deserves to be No. 5 in my list!

No. 4 - Raise This Barn - Apple Family Reunion

A ponystar (popstar) again?! AppleJack has a lotta good postives about her! She's hard-working, she's got a good voice, she should be on Pony's Got Talent... (blushing) (fainted!) The song is very bouncy and catchy. Like always in my list.

No. 3 - Glass of Water - Three's A Crowd

Another good villain song with a bit of a twist! The song reminds me of a snake charmer for some reason... ...Blue Discord has been a bit too far... ...but a good voice! It makes me have mixed emotions... The song is bouncy, rhythmic and just flows away nicely together. It may be good but hasn't made to No. 1...

No. 2 - Bats (song) - Bats!

OK. This song is kinda haunting but in a good way. Applejack's voice serves as in spookiness, and links to the song to how dreadful those... ...bats ...are! It is another duet! This time with AppleJack and Fluttershy

Presenting No. 1.... 

No. 1 - This Day Aria - A Canterlot Wedding

WOW. Where do I begin??? The song starts out with a beautiful piano piece and boy, listen to those voices! Listen to that instrumental! (fainted again!) The music is very powerful and well, I could listen to that song over and over again! AWESOME :)

I hope you have enjoyed my list! If there is anything missing, feel free to edit or comment. Hope to see you soon, everypony! 

From amazingcocoguy923 aka Coco.