Another day has passed, and now March 26 is coming tomorrow. Wait... am I? (is there something exciting coming up?) I wonder what that could be? Season 6 Episode 1 is airing... TOMORROW! My patience is blown and there is a live chat on YouTube for anypony to watch. The Crystalling Pt. 1 and The Crystalling Pt. 2 are sure to be two amazing episodes (are they going to air on TV at the same day??) New baby... new characters... (we finally get to see 'grown-up' Sunburst!) If anypony has seen the first two minutes of the Season 6 Episode 1, the Mane 6 have applied gifts for the 'adorable' Baby Flurry Heart. Applejack has a small cradle made of apple trees, Rainbow Dash has a smashing Cloudsdale Mobile and Rarity has a fetching blanket to sleep in, (as said in the premiere) Who is excited?! I guess I am not the only pony dying to see the first episode of Season 6. But will that be the last season?!