Since Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are getting into competition in the next episode of MLP, I'd thought to take in competitiveness with these two songs made from awesome people! 

Fluttershy's Lament (Sang by "All Levels At Once")

This catchy but nonsensical song by All Levels At Once made me all hyper like Pinkie. I like the bit where Apple Bloom calls a chicken, but somehow her voice sounds all autotune-y? (IDK?!) Well, Fluttershy is cute already, but in this song made me love Fluttershy even more with the amount of squee-s (let me count..) Ok, 1 squee is already cute for me but 18 SQUEES?!?!?!

The Real Pink Pony (Sang by "Vannamelon")

Wow, I think this one might top the other one off, (slightly?!) Well, Pinkie Pie knows how to rap in the show, so why not take the most genius idea and parody one of Eminem's most famous songs? Sounds like a risky idea, but boy does it sound good! It does start to get annoying when you hear it more then 5 times.. (No... actually I've heard this track 18 times...)

So, it's decision time!

Which song will win?

Comment down below the title of your song choice and we'll see which song rules the charts! 

That's all for now, everypony! :)

Spike laughing to himself S6E17


Signing off until next time,

Amazingcocoguy923 aka JustinPony923.

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